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We are working with Paddle Australia and other stakeholders to promote the revitalisation of Penrith Whitewater Stadium and the surrounding parklands. It’s 2020 – which means it’s 20 years since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. This is the perfect time for a reno! Thanks to the delivery of the first part of a $2.3M grant from the Australian Government, the project is taking good shape. We’ve got the first design impressions for the high-performance centre, developed by Toby Wetherill of GW Architects, commissioned by Paddle Australia.


There are some factors that will depend on the findings of a business case study, which is likely to take us into the early part of 2021. These factors include:

  • the broader community development
  • upgrades to existing facilities
  • future operating model and capital investment in new facilities
  • proposals to use renewable energy
  • connecting the venue to the city of Penrith via active transport

To get a better feel for this project’s vision, watch this video, and stay tuned in for our updates!